Scott Larson

Cameraman • Videographer • Cinematographer
in Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo based since 2001, I offer professional video production services to overseas based clients wishing to shoot in Japan.  With a background in cinematography/videography, I also edit and color grade, and act as a Field Director and Field Producer for clients who cant make it to Japan for their shoot.  

I work closely with clients in the pre-production phase to understand what their vision for their production is, and use both my creative experience and my understanding of the culture and language barriers of working in Japan to help bring that vision to reality.  Whether its corporate, documentary, narrative, live event coverage or live streaming, I can help bring your production to life.

Video Production Services


In the pre-production phase of video production, I assist clients by helping to plan every aspect of their project, from conceptualization, to organizing logistics, equipment rental and crew hiring, ensuring a solid foundation for a successful production.


During the production phase, I provide hands-on support and guidance, often overseeing the production on behalf of clients who can’t be in Japan during the filming, and ensuring that the creative vision is brought to life to meet your expectations.


In the post-production phase of video production, I work closely with clients using the latest editing and color grading techniques to refine and enhance raw footage, crafting a polished final product that exceeds client expectations and resonates with audiences.

Show Reel 2024

A sampling of recent shoots, I was videographer, editor and color grader for these.

Role: Videographer, Editor, Color Grading

Drone Show Reel, 2024

This drone reel shows some samples of recent  drone work I have done in Japan.  I can provide drone videography services to help take your video production to the next level.

Role: Videographer, Editor, Color Grading

AdWeek Asia

A two day, multi-camera live corporate event in Tokyo.  I provided camera crew and equipment, on-site editor and production management.

Role: Videographer, Line Producer

Chemical Brothers, Live at Fuji Rock

Multi camera shoot at Japan’s famous Fuji Rock festival.  Winner UK’s Music Video Awards for Best Live Coverage.  Shot in Niigata, Japan

Role: Cameraman

Louis Vuitton

Working with clients from the US, video coverage of Louis Vuitton exhibition in Tokyo.  I provided camera teams and editing teams for a 24 hour final edit turnaround.

Role: Videographer, Line Producer

World Horse Racing Association

Video I shot and edited (race footage courtesy of World Horse Racing Association).  Shot in Fuchu and Kyoto, Japan.

Role: Videographer, Editor.

Apex, Corporate Video

Role: DP, Editor, Color Grading

Astroscale, Corporate Video

Featured on the live countdown launch for Adras-J, the world’s first satellite to attempt to start the removal process of in orbit space debris.  Shot in Tokyo, Japan.

Role: DP, Editor, Color Grading

Commercial for DiCesare Designs

Working in tandem with a a local umbrella designer and CGI artist, I directed and shot this commercial for DiCesare Desings.  Shot in Tokyo, Japan

Role: Director, Director of Photography, Editor

Onbashira Festival

Shot for National Geographic, riding giant logs down the mountain of a 1,200 year old in one of Japan’s most dangerous festivals.  Shot in Nagoya, Japan.

Role: Videographer

Here Comes a New Challenger, Documentary

Working with a US based Director, I shot the Japan leg of this documentary about Street Fighter II.  Shot in Tokyo, Japan.

Role: Videographer, Lighting

Atomic Hope: Inside the Pro Nuclear Movement

Role: Videographer

Role: Videographer

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As a videographer, my mission is to not only capture moments but to craft compelling visual narratives that resonate with my clients and their audiences. Whether it’s a corporate event, documentary or independent film, I tailor my approach to suit each client’s unique needs, ensuring that every frame tells a story that captivates and inspires. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for storytelling, I strive to exceed expectations, delivering polished, professional videos that not only meet but exceed my clients’ goals, leaving a lasting impact.

Pre-Production, Editing, Color Grading

In addition to filming client’s projects, I help clients with the Pre-Production, Editing, and Color Grading stages of their productions.

Throughout Pre-Production, I assist clients in brainstorming ideas, refining scripts, and storyboarding to crystallize their vision. During Editing, I collaborate closely with clients to select the best shots, arrange them into a cohesive narrative, and integrate feedback to ensure the final product meets their expectations. In Color Grading, I work hand-in-hand with clients to establish the desired visual tone, enhance the mood, and maintain consistency across the video, ensuring it effectively conveys their message and resonates with the audience.

Sample Videos

DiCesare Designs, TV Commercial

Role: Director, Director of Photography, Editor

Apex, Corporate Video

Role: Videographer, Editor, Color Grading

Astroscale, Corporate Video

Role: Videographer, Editor, Color Grading


Role: Videographer, Editor, Color Grading

AdWeek Asia, a two day, multi-camera live corporate event in Tokyo.

Role: Camera Operator, Video Crew, Equipment Rental, Production Management

Louis Vuitton Exhibition in Tokyo. I provided camera teams and overnight editors for a 24 final edit turnaround.

BMW Brand Video

Role: Cinematographer

World Horse Racing Association

Role: Videographer, Editor

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